Saturday, September 17, 2005

The morning after the night before, and the afternoon before the night after.


There was a little gathering last night at Dan's place. Nyssa came along, driving in her car. Dan and I drank quite a lot. Nyssa taught me some Belly Dancing, and Line Dancing. Dan taught us some latin dancing. I taught some German. Dan taught some guitar. A lot of beer was drunk. Outside it was amazingly windy. Lucas vomited at the train station and then wandered through the gale to Dan's place. Nyssa drove home. Dan and Lucas and I went and stood outside in the wind. Items of clothing may or may not have been displaced to some or any extent. I walked Lucas as far as the train station, cause he was pretty drunk, and cause I was curious about where exactly he vomited. It was a pile of leaves which had greedily slurped up the regurgitate.

Upon departure, we heard eerie music, like a high pitched pipe. It wasn't a sound the wind could have made. It was coming for everywhere. Thusly unsettled, and freaked out by the moving trees, wind in my ears, and fast moving shadows rushing along the ground from the nearly full moon and some clouds, I ran down my street. Running drunk, scary enough in itself, but scarier if unsettled and being chased by shadows, was strangely exhillarating. It took me ages to get to sleep last night.

I'm going to a party tonight, but first I really need a nap. I woke up crazily early this morning.

On another note, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit was alright. Not amazing, but good. Some funny lines in there. Every time any text came up on the screen, the cinema was filled with childrens voices reading it out. Every time a mildly amusing line was said, the cinema was filled with childrens voices repeating it. Every time the impossibly cute rabbits went "weee", someone squealed. There was one father who had a very loud laugh, and laughed at the most random things (like a vehicle covered in mud). Had a beer with Russ after the movie, and a cheese and bacon traveller's pie. Spaghetti was saved for me when I got home. I was tired and beery, and it was a big plate. Ugh, I feel like bed now.

No profound thoughts to be shared.

Good night!


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