Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My country has gone mad...

I got up today to do some serious work for once... which I am doing - I'm only taking a momentary diversion for this.

As I got breakfast (ice cream of course - oh, how health-conscious I am), I looked at the paper (Courier Mail: Tuesday, Sept 27, 2005), and hidden inconspicuously down near the bottom of the first page was this story:

Jail for browsing if caught in net
Even reading books promoting views the Government deems a threat to Australia could mean jail under new laws to be debated by state and federal leaders today.
The new anti-terrorism laws will revive the Cold War-era Sedition Act, rewritten to target those who incite violence against those in the community.
Reading material deemed suspicious or threatening on internet sites could bring jail terms.

WTF?? Even reading a "suspicious" website could put you in fucking jail. I thought the only things worthy of that on the internet are fraud and indecency with regard to minors.

Ok, so I turned to page 8 for the full report... Here's the first paragraph:

A throw-away comment posted on a website praising a terrorist attack anywhere in the world could land a person in jail under tough new laws to be debated by state and federal leaders today.

*Deletes previously written comment* - joking, but seriously, even "throw-away comments" can put you in jail... This is bad news for the incorrigably flippant-at-heart out there (me). I'm gonna have to watch what I say... just to get things straight; I hate terrorists, and terrorism, and those fuckers need to be stopped (yes, and I mean the terrorists on both sides), but seriously, I don't want to live in a world where someone's lacking sence of irony could land you in jail over a silly comment. Argh, I'm scared... I'm too flippant with these things, and there have been about five things I've just been dying to type during this paragraph... only because I know I shouldn't... and the scared side of me has gone "Oh, no, better not type that" (not as if anyone actually reads this, but there are search engines). I feel like Australia is turning into a mini US. But what happened to the free speech the US was so obsessed with? Oh well, maybe we should resign to it... Come on everybody, let's start burning books. The next step would be to start rounding up the... I was going to make an ironic comment about racial purification... thus comparing this to the first steps of the most evil form of Fascism, but I don't want to go to jail. Need I say, that hackers regularly break into my blog and post radical political views I don't share?...

Tomorrow's my last day of prac teaching at the school I'm currently at... trying to line some more up...


ps. Spammers fuck off... I do not want to join an internet dating agency, fund potential American college students, or buy toys for my horse... - What we need are more laws regarding spamming... send those fuckers to jail... or even off to have a nice shower... - Everyone, take care of yerselves!


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