Sunday, October 09, 2005

Wąży i Drabiny (Snakes and Ladders)

Last Wednesday (the 6th) I met up with the Polish flatmate (M) of someone I know (F). We spoke a bit in Polish, which, I may or may not have mentioned, is an insanely difficult language. As a plus I found out my accent is quite good. We went and sat on the grass at southbank, as F went for a swim. I pointed to things... grass, tree, plant, flower, building, sky, river, sun, moon, worm, ladybug, bird. We started talking in English, just chatting about things and it came up, so I told M that I'm gay, and he kind of just looked at me as if to say "Why are you telling me this?" He said he had no problem with it, but I think he was actually questioning my intentions, which made me feel a bit strange. Still, if I count that as the worst reaction (don't know if I do yet because I may have imagined the whole thing) I've ever got, then it's actually been really good and I guess I'm a lot luckier than some. Anyway, so now it's just weird cause I've told M but not F, and I know F a lot better, so if they've spoken about it they'll be wondering why I told M, and not F... possibly more questioning of motives. I know I'm thinking too much about it, but that's just my way. My brain has no off switch (it just crashes from time to time).

On Friday I had intended to go to a German speaking Stammtisch I sometimes go to... but I was too slack with organising with friends, so instead I went to Lucas's house for a little get together he was having . When I arrived everyone was wearing silly hats and glasses, so I joined in. We got a huge pile of fish and chips, and played Snakes and Ladders, but a drinking-game version, with shot glasses as pieces... I didn't think any drinking was going to be done that night, but right from the start of the game it was apparent that the universe had decided that I was going to get very drunk that night. The Galliano was ok, the Vodka less so, and the Tequila, which about a year or two ago had been left at someones house after a party, obviously been half drunk and topped up with goon, was rancid. We had been sitting around the pool area, but we went inside to dance badly... There may or may not have been a bit of pole dancing with pants around the ankles... oh God, I won't incriminate myself any more. Dan fell asleep on the floor and we put a pillow under his head, and then the rest of us continued to dance around the drunken body on the floor. Later on it got weird, as Lucas's gatherings tend to... I massaged this girl, who has the same name as Brücke... so we'll call her Brückchen, and she massaged me back ... which was really good after my spinal apocalypse of last week... it had been ages since anyone had even touched me... Lucas turned the lights off and lit candles (in the other order actually), and then I wanted to have a seance. Not that I really believe in ghosts or the spirit world that much, but I don't rule anything out... when I'm drunk and bored it seems like something fun to do... I just wanted to hold hands and chant or something and hopefully a gust would come in the window and blow some candles out and we'd squeal, but the others were all really not keen for that because they said it opens up a whole lot of bad shit... and I was saying something about it being ok so long as we have respect for the spirits. Fuck, I'm hilarious. But we didn't end up doing it. I walked home at about 4 am... it wasn't getting light but the magpies were starting to sing. That reminds me... when I was younger, I used to be such a nerd... I was into birds, and in bird books there are always descriptions of various bird calls... the funniest one was how they described how an Australian Magpie sings: "Quardle-Oodle-Ardle-Wardle-Doodle". Oh my god!

Last night I went to Redcliffe with L&S and we ate fish and chips and caught up... it was really good. I eat fish and chips about 2 or 3 times a week and I'm pretty sure about half of my body weight must be comprised solely of potato. Please don't ask me why I'm disguising some people's name's and not others... it's just happened that way. When I got home I turned on the TV and watched Rådjur on the reality TV show he's on. Which reminds me, I need to vote today. I also have a lot of other stuff to do, so I should get cracking and leave my blog alone. Farewell until soon, my faithful and pretty much non-existant blog readership...
Take care!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Spinal Apocalypse

On thursday Brücke und Brünst had a little gathering. No, those are not their names, I'm changing them. Lucas and Dan and I were there, we drank a few bourbons, watched a popular reality TV show in which a friend of ours, we'll call him Rådjur, is doing very well in, spoke to said friend per video call, and went outside. Lucas started balancing on his back on one of those log things supported by two logs that divides off a park, lifting his arms and legs up. Dan and I followed, trying to do the same. Dan had a few spectacular falls, and when I tried it, I couldn't, I was wobbling even when my feet were on the ground. I eventually got it. My back was a little sore. We went back into the house and looked at photos and watched videos on Brücke and Brünst's computer. Lucas drove Dan and me home. It was a good night, although some things that should have been done, were not.

I woke up the next morning, Friday, with a bit of a sore back, not just as if I'd slept wrongly, but it was definitely related to the log balancing. James went to Melbourne in the morning, to return on Tuesday. I went about my day. Everyone went out and I was home alone. The cats were being annoying, acting like the wanted to go out and when I got up to let them out they just looked outside and went "Meh", then they wanted food, but wouldn't eat. I brought the bin in and sat down again. My back was really starting to hurt, and when I moved it got worse. When I moved once, a jolt of pain shot through me, and it freaked me out and my whole back tensed up. I turned off the computer because a storm was coming, and went to lie down on my bed. It was hard to lie down, and then I felt the need to shove a pillow under my spine to arch it backwards. That didn't help. I freaked out and after a few painful failed attempts, I got myself up and out into the loungeroom. It kept getting worse and my stomach started cramping and I nearly vomited. I tried to ring mum, but just got her voicemail message (which is just her going "Hellooooooooo??", so I started to speak after it... embarrasment or what?). Dad rang up and I told him about my back and he said to have a hot bath. For me, getting into the bath is probably not good for my spine at the best of times, I'm too tall, and I didn't want to lie down, so instead I had a hot shower. When I got out of the shower mum was home, and I had a couple of aspirin, and it was more bearable. I went to bed a little bit worried that sleep would make it worse.

Then suddenly I was awake. There was a huge explosion in the sky, and I jerked awake and to the side to look out my window. When the sound died down I called out "What the fuck was that?", assuming that everyone else would be awake too. I thought it was the end of the world, a meteorite or something, and then I was thinking "bomb". Dad said "thunder" and Sam said the lightening had been really bright, and then I was sane again. There was no indication of a storm until this stage, no wind, no rain, just a huge explosion in the sky, but then it started to rain.

Woke up this morning with a worse back than last night. It was an ordeal plugging my computer in (I tried, it hurt, I gave up - got dad to do it). Had two aspirin (two in the middle of the night as well, so my blood will be pretty thin by now... I wonder if I'll start bleeding internally), heat back on my back, and its ok now if I stay still... typing is permitted.

I'm going to have to go to physio next week. My physiotherapist is hot, although maybe not anymore as five years of aging would have taken their toll. Anyway, sorry this posting is boring as bat shit, it's just my diary, and really, if you don't like it, don't read it. Or alternatively, leave a rude, abusive comment... it would make a change to the random spam comments (which in theory should have declined, because I set the reply thing to use that text recognition thing). Anyway, that's your lot for the day.