Thursday, November 10, 2005

Finally moving forward...

I haven't written here for a while now... I've intended to, but I've only just come to it now. Anyway, my main piece of news is that I've done the impossible (for me): I've got a job. It's at a local bottle-o... three kilometres by bike from my place. Dan got a job there about a month before I did, and he was the one who helped me enormously in helping with my résumé, and teaching me stuff I would need to know about the basic retail process, as I lied on my résumé and said I had worked at a servo from October to February this year. Don't look at me like that... I felt bad about it, but it came down to the fact that I'm nearly 22 and I have no proper work experience. I needed to give myself a leg-up. I know it made the difference, because even though the bottle-o's very short staffed at the moment, I saw them turn someone down because his résumé didn't have any experience on it.

Anyway, my first shift was last thursday (the 3rd of November), from 4 till 9 I think. Dan was training me, so he drove me there, and we started together. I made a few stupid mistakes - very 'me' of me - like with my first two customers, whereby I started walking towards their respective cars with change in hand, but leaving their purchase on the counter (neither of them noticed). I was gradually getting better, more confidant, starting to get the hang of it - still no maestro - but then, what am I talking about? A maestro would be wasted at a bottle-o. Anyway, so then I was taken from the drive thru and put into stacking out the back... going in and out of the cold room was fun (I'm not being sarcastic - I'm weird, leave me alone). All this lifting combined with riding my bike will make me fitter. In one of my finer moments I bumped a stack of cartons, which were on smashed tiles, and had dented cardboard... I tried to stop their fall with my head, which was, funnily enough, unsuccessful. When I looked up, this guy was laughing at me, and he helped me restack the cartons, which didn't seem to be broken. "Don't worry, mate. It happens to the best of us. And look, that was just waiting to happen," he said as he pointed at the smashed tiles underneath. And that's the story of how I met the manager of the whole joint (bottle-o-pub-bistro complex). Great first impression! *Nervous smile* Knocked off at 9 and had a beer with the guy that had me stacking stuff, who I'll call Bruce, cause it's funny. He seemed like a really nice guy. Then I went in at 10 and watched Dan do the close, so I could get an idea of that.

The next day, Friday, I got a phone call from work... someone was sick, and they wanted me to fill in for the afternoon double shift. It was originally to be with this guy, who to be honest I hadn't heard the best things about (arrogant wanker, dodgy goings on with money etc.) - I'm going to call him Dinosaur, not because he's particularly old, just because it amuses me. Dan ended up prolonging his shift, so I ended up working with him. He had to go for a while once I got there, to renew his driver's licence and cash a cheque, so I was left on my own for nearly an hour. I had one little problem with an eftpos transaction that went awry when the guy couldn't remember his pin number... I, being the intelligent chap I am, didn't know how to cancel the eftpos thing... pressing the 'cancel' button didn't occur to me. And then comes the Strongbow incident... whereby I dropped a man's alcohol after he had purchased it, while trying to be kind and carry stuff to his car for him... it wasn't clumsiness, it was stupidity - I held the 6pack by the neck of one corner bottle, and just over the edge of the counter the cardboard broke. I tried to somehow catch the 6pack with my leg, which resulted in a small cut on my leg, which I only noticed later, and may have stopped the damage from being as bad as it could have been: one bottle smashed, and the lid of one was letting fizz out. The rest were ok. Then Dan laughed at me because I'd actually never used a mop in my life. He laughed at my broom skills too. The sick guy ended up coming in, and I got to knock off at 5, after only starting at 3...

I'm so glad I have this job, I'm just stressing at the moment cause I'm the newbie. I've already broken stuff, and I'm not feeling terribly confident. But, I tell myself, that's not something which is peculiar to me, which no one would understand. That's something that everyone goes through with a new job. And I'll get better, and in a few months time, I'll be doing everything as second nature (I tell myself). It's a scary period for me at the moment, learning to adjust to this, but it's also the beginning of normalcy for me. Not working has been a huge problem for me... I feel so young and naïve, like a bird just starting to fly. I'm using stupid analogies, but yeah... I checked my bank account, and I've had my first pay... for 7 hours work, I got payed $106.40, which is good. I'm finally a working man. I went up to watch Dan do the close tonight, and it looked a lot more daunting than when I watched it before... sheesh. Anyway, I'm working on Friday and Saturday this week... I'm working with Dinosaur on Friday, and on Saturday with Dan, but I'll have an hour on my own on Saturday. Apparently I'll be getting a lot more shifts next week (weeks start on Mondays).

To further update the rest of the goings on... with Lucas's parents away, we had little parties just about every week. They were always bizarre. If I've mentioned "clothing displacement" before, well... it got extreme on one occasion... we were starting to get out of control. The next gathering had a lot more people, including 2 people from the past... from primary school - one of whom I hadn't seen for 11 years (half a lifetime at our age).

My friend from the reality TV show, Rådjur, finally left the show, but he came fourth, which is good. Only 27 votes were the deciding votes... and considering I voted 40 times, I feel like I did my part. Anyway, it's not bad news, because he's gonna go on to do great things... he was virtually promised a record deal, so - watch this space.

Anyway, it's now midnight, and my father is coughing, which means I may be seconds away from being repremanded for waking him up... peace!